Implant Treatment

Dentaksim İmplant Tedavisi
Implant Treatment

About Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment, It is a discipline of knowledge that covers the application methods of implants used in the fields of ophthalmology and dentistry. “Implant” is a word formed from the combination of the words “in=into, in” and “planto=planting, planting, placing, burying” in Latin, and it means “artificial object placed in the body” in medicine.
Many people in Turkey now resort to alternative methods to fill the gaps in their lost teeth. Have your decayed teeth been pulled by the doctor and there are gaps in the visible part? The most important and permanent treatment method in this direction is Implant Treatment. As Dentaxim Implant center, we make the most accurate touches on the subjects and we do not neglect to offer you implants prepared with first class quality. In order to create the right treatment methods in this area and to get ideas, you can make an appointment with our dentists and a treatment environment can be created by taking measurements suitable for your tooth structure.

How much are implant treatment fees?

This is completely calculated periodically according to the exchange rate. Afterwards, technical details such as your tooth tone, which tooth will be treated with Implant and whether or not dental treatments will be applied before may come into question. In order to benefit from the right care and treatment services, you can make an appointment with our clinics and examine the price list that our physicians have issued after the examination in this direction.
Are there risks in implant treatment?
There are minor risks in implant treatment. First of all, our physicians pay attention to some details in order to learn about your health status. The main risks are listed as follows;

Attention should be paid to the fact that diabetic patients are under the control of a doctor.
If you have had any heart disease before, it is important to be under the control of a doctor at this point.
After implant treatment, you should reduce beverages such as cigarettes and coffee as much as possible.
If you have a blood clotting problem, implant treatment is definitely not applied!

If you study these situations properly, you can get involved in treatment situations without any problems. Our Dentaxim Implant Treatment center, which offers the right ideas in its field, does not neglect to work on creating a health environment by always making the right touches for you.

How is implant treatment provided?

In this direction, our physicians offer a treatment process completely according to your condition. First, x-rays are taken about the missing tooth, diameter determinations are made according to this area, the color of your tooth tone is determined, and then your tooth is ordered. After the tooth order is completed, the implant treatment process is started with the screwing method. With the treatment you will receive in this direction, your teeth will now stand in a much healthier way.

In the initial stage, you may have some pain. Because a screw will be driven into your palate and a new tooth will be added there. Afterwards, you will have a chance to have a healthy tooth and you will be able to benefit from these treatment methods in the best way. Our physicians do anesthetizing before the implant treatment, thus ensuring that the least painful processes occur. In addition, you will always be able to call us in later processes and have the chance to get ideas about your treatment processes. We are working to inform you in this direction and to ensure that you can always use a healthy tooth, and we do not neglect to make correct presentations.

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Complications of dental implants

In general, dental implant treatment will not cause any complications if it is placed correctly and scientifically, with sufficient knowledge and awareness about the anatomy and position of the jawbone. In the non-surgical implant method, the complications of the treatment are less.
With our expert team at Dentaxim clinic, ninety-five percent of patients have been using the Implant Treatment and non-surgical method for about fifteen years. By using this method, it will be ensured that the person does not experience any pain or discomfort or complications such as bleeding, bruising, swelling after placing the dental implant. Non-surgical dental implantation has made this treatment method the easiest dental treatment.


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