Non-surgical implant

Implantation without surgery,

The most common methods of placing implants in the chin are open surgery, implant placement and suturing. Dentaksim Dental Clinic dental implants are placed using the non-surgical and seamless Non- surgical implant technique. In this method, CBCT or three-dimensional scanning of the chin is required in the non-surgical or implant method without surgical technique. This scan should provide a three-dimensional view of where the implant will be placed non-surgically. With this image, the implant specialist can guarantee the quality of the work. The implant specialist then places the dental implant in its proper place in the jawbone with a special staple implant or non- surgical implant .

Ameliyatsız implant

The difference between the result of the surgical procedure and the non-surgical implant technique

This means whether the result of the study after a year or more differs from the old method of implant placement with open surgery and non-surgical implant. In response to this, it should be said that in numerous articles and scientific studies conducted in universities around the world, no difference was observed between these two methods in terms of the outcome and life of the implant. In the fifteen years of experience of using this method by the great implant specialist from Germany, he did not notice any difference in the results of the treatment between the two methods, and even in his research thesis at the University of Frankfurt. The situation points to this issue.
Therefore, no significant difference was observed between the results of the drilling technique and the two implant methods and the surgical and implant placement method. And because the non-surgical implant method is much easier for the person undergoing implant treatment. The implant specialist recommends the use of the Non- surgical implant technique if possible .

Conditions of the non-surgical implant method

Non-surgical implant

It is important whether there is enough bone to make the implant without surgery and the person does not need a bone graft or GBR.
– Having sufficient knowledge and skills of the implant specialist and having the necessary equipment Having
enough keratinized gingiva The
first condition of using the punch or implant technique without surgery is that this method should be performed by an implant specialist with sufficient knowledge, experience and skills, otherwise the probability of error increases. . In addition, special equipment is required and the client must have a 3D image or CBCT of the desired location to place the implant. If you do not have this 3D image of the jaw, the probability of error increases.
In fact, the punch implant makes implant treatment very easy and makes the person interested in subsequent implant treatments.

Advantages of using this method:

  • From Incision and Suture
  • Increase instant implant placement speed
  • Little or no gingival bleeding
  • No post-operative pain and discomfort
  • facial swelling, and morale and no side effects
  • Increase the success rate of treatment