Ortodonti invisalign

ortodonti invisalign

Ortodonti invisalign

Orthodontic invisalign treatment is a condition that offers sensitivity in correcting your broken tooth structure without a wire. It is seen as the latest technology product among orthodontic treatments. With transparent plaques designed in accordance with the person’s mouth structure, the application situation is created for the correction of the teeth. In this way, this situation, which provides the opportunity for treatment, completely regulates the crookedness or separation of your teeth. At the same time, since it does not have a permanent wire structure, it does not leave any extra negative factors in your external appearance.

These plaques, which are designed according to the position in which the teeth are desired to move, are worn for 15 days and then a transition is made to this area with the production of a new type of plaque. Transparent plaques produced according to motion are designed in computer environment with 3D scanning method. It is then produced according to the 0.05mm movement.

Can everyone benefit from Orthodontic invisalign treatment?

Yeah. In this direction, our physicians initiate a treatment process that appeals to all age groups and offer you a permanent method in this direction. However, our physicians should examine you to see if you are suitable for Orthodontic invisalign treatment. If there are mild and moderate tooth distortions, they can be corrected with the Orthodontic invisalign treatment method. However, if any tooth extraction is to be done, wire treatment is applied in this direction. Considering that technology is developing day by day, orthodontic invisalign treatment will be available after tooth extraction.

At what age is Orthodontic invisalign treatment started?

These treatment methods can be started after 13-14 years of age. For this, the two molars must have partially erupted. The biggest advantage of orthodontic invisalign treatment method is that it allows you to maintain your life standards easily. In this regard, if we list the benefits in items;

It has a structure that is never seen in your mouth. For this reason, you will not be afraid of your smile.
You can remove the plaques while eating. At the same time, you will not have any problems thanks to the removal while brushing your teeth.
Since the treatment will be metal-free, there will be no discomfort in your teeth or gums.
It is known as a very suitable treatment method for both young people and adults.

Is there pain in orthodontic invisalign treatment?

You are likely to experience pain at first. In the orthodontic invisalign treatment process, some pain may be experienced due to the fact that the transparent plaques create a pressure on your teeth and produce molds in this direction. However, since the teeth adapt quickly to these pains, the pain will leave its place over time and you will be able to observe that these discomforts disappear permanently. You can also call our Dentaxim Implant Treatment Center right away and get ideas about treatment methods. After the examination, it is possible to get an opinion on whether you are suitable for this treatment method or not. In this direction, apply to our clinics immediately and have the opportunity to completely remove your problems from your life!

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